The Definition of Productivity

Giving a new high-tech machining center the quality tooling it deserves

Mike Cotton  |  OSG USA

After making the investment to purchase a brand new, state-of-the-art machining center, what’s next? For owners in the manufacturing industry, some of the first major business hurdles after making the initial capital investment on machining centers is securing orders to generate revenue from these expensive pieces of equipment. Proper selection of cutting tools, however, can also play a vital role in a manufacturer’s success as it not only influences cycle time, but also has an impact on the quality of the product.

Ameridrives Power Transmission in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, a manufacturer of universal joints for industrial, marine, pumping, off highway and transportation applications, had recently purchased a brand new DMG Mori NVX 5100 machine and was looking to get tooled up for a new contract.

Ameridrives Power Transmission, formerly All Power Transmission, has over 30 years of experience providing solutions for the needs of the mechanical power transmission coupling industry. Ameridrives can provide universal joints from one inch to upwards of 30 inches, custom design, as well as repair and maintenance services. In addition to universal joints, Ameridrives can also provide gear couplings, disc couplings and elastomeric couplings.

Ameridrives’ new DMG Mori NVX 5100 is a high-precision, high-speed vertical machining center with coolant circulation technology and heat-symmetrical structure for effective spindle heat dispersal. This machine was purchased specifically for a new contract recently awarded to Ameridrives.

The first part of the new order involved the machining of 8620 alloy steel with 500,000 drilled and tapped holes. The job included a total of 11 part numbers. The other 10 parts each involved the drilling of 2,000 to 150,000 holes. During the tool selection process, OSG stepped in to provide recommendations, which Ameridrives was seeking for both reliability in terms of tool life and performance. For the drilling, a WDO-5D drill (diameter 0.3488”) was tested followed by a 3/8-16 OIL-S-XPF form tap.

The WDO-5D is a part of OSG’s WDO carbide coolant-fed high performance drill series. It is designed to excel in a variety of steels up to 30X diameter without pecking. Unique point geometry creates sharp cutting action for reduced thrust forces, while OSG’s proprietary WD1 coating provides drastically higher hardness and heat resistance, enabling higher drilling speeds and incredible tool life.

The OIL-S-XPF is a premium high performance form tap designed for materials up to 35 HRC. These form taps generate up to 50 percent less torque versus other forming taps, making it feasible to tap materials up to 35 HRC and for sizes up to or exceeding one inch in diameter.

The WDO drill was ran at 300 sfm (3,250 rpm) 29 ipm (.009 ipr) drilling 0.95’’ deep. After 200 holes, no wear was visible. The XPF form tap followed right after, running at 90 sfm (916 rpm), feed of 57.3 ipm (.0625 ipr) to a depth of 0.93”. The XPF also did not display any visible wear after 200 holes. At the end of the trial, the tool life ended up to be 3,000 holes per WDO drill and 6,000 holes per XPF tap. The WDO drills can also be reconditioned up to three times in this case to further enhance cost efficiency.

The OIL-S-XPF form tap was put into Ameridrives’ new DMG Mori NVX 5100 for a tool life test in 8620 alloy steel.

Maximum productivity can be defined by the lowest cost-per-hole with the shortest cycle time and highest quality possible. As demonstrated in this case study, maximum productivity can only be achieved with the best combination of equipment – both machines and tooling.