Rise to AMRC Tier 1

Process support for advanced aircraft parts

Reiko Masuhara  |  OSG Corporation

For many years, OSG has supplied tools for use in the processing of aircraft parts in Japan, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Europe and other markets. We have built a reputation as a versatile supplier with wide-ranging expertise and experience in the area of tools that can process difficult-to-cut materials, such as CFRPs (carbon fiber-reinforced plastics) and titanium oxides. We aim to enhance that reputation further by expanding our activities at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).



Established as a partnership by the British Government, the University of Sheffield and private sector corporations, such as Boeing, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is the world’smostadvanced aerospace research facility. Its research activities encompass numerous fields, including basic materials research, as well as machining and casting of CFRPs, titanium and other materials. Over 80 companies are currently involved, including Boeing, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Spirit Aerospace and BAE Systems.

Promotion to AMRC Tier 1

Since joining the AMRC in September 2013, OSG has earned recognition for its advanced technology and ability to work on a wide range of projects. In June 2015, OSG was promoted to AMRC Tier 1. There are approximately 20 Tier 1 companies, the elite members of the AMRC, while another 60 companies are classed as general participants at the Tier 2 level. OSG is the only Japanese cutting tool manufacturer to achieve Tier 1 status.

In addition to participation in the AMRC as a director, an OSG representative will also attend AMRC technical board meetings. OSG is determined to fulfill its role as a Tier 1 member by stationing engineers at the AMRC and proposing projects. We will also further refine our advanced technology through intensive participation in various projects.

Enhancing Our Reputation for Advanced Technology

CRFPs are used to reduce the weight of aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350. The types of CFRPs used and their processing properties vary according to their locations in aircraft. As a result, a wide range of tools is needed to process these materials optimally. OSG is building a solid presence within the AMRC, in part because of the need for its technology and experience for important projects relating to the processing of CFRPs and titanium. Another reason for OSG’s excellent reputation is its self-sufficiency in all related areas, including materials, tool design and coatings. Promotion to Tier 1 has dramatically expanded our opportunities to demonstrate our capabilities in the aerospace sector. We will continue to contribute to the growth and success of the global aerospace industry by monitoring information about industry trends and applying that information to product development.

OSG’s Global Technology Center dedicated for research and development in Aichi, Japan.

The OSG Advantage

OSG offers a comprehensive offeringof diamond-coated routers for all composite milling and trimming needs. Along with routers, a diverse line of drilling products are also available, providing solutions for the various composite laminates and stack drilling challenges.


All of OSG’s aerospace tooling features metallurgy and cutting geometries to help increase productivity, reliability and tool life while reducing machining time and scrap. OSG also offers a patented ultra-fine diamond coating, which is a prerequisite when machining composites and provides a definitive advantage over other competitor diamond coated products.