New Long Flute Style Added to Anti-Vibration Carbide End Mill AE-VMS Series

TOYOKAWA―November 1, 2018―OSG Corporation today announced that the highly anticipated long flute AE-VML for high-speed side milling has been added to its AE-VMS anti-vibration carbide end mill offering, a series designed to attain an all new level of milling efficiency coupled with superb finish quality suitable for a variety of milling applications.

High-speed side milling is made possible by the AE-VML’s large thick core design. Its unique flute form with high tool rigidity and excellent chip evacuation properties enables stable milling performance and the suppression of burrs. With the addition of OSG’s original DUARISE coating, tool life can be enhanced by its excellent lubricity, superior friction-resistance and high oxidation temperature qualities. The DUARISE coating’s multi-layer construction minimizes thermal cracks, allowing the AE-VMS series to excel even in water-soluble oil.

Available in square, radius, stub length, long neck and long flute, the AE-VMS is designed to accommodate a wide range of milling operations including slotting, side milling, helical milling, contour milling and ramping in stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel and hardened steel (up to 40 HRC).