OSG Releases ADO-TRS ‘Triple Revolution’ 3-Flute Through-Coolant Carbide Drill Series

TOYOKAWA―February 15, 2019―OSG Corporation today announced the release of the ADO-TRS ‘Triple Revolution’ 3-flute through-coolant carbide drill series engineered for ultra-machining efficiency in a wide range of materials. With capabilities to resolve common challenges of 3-flute drills such as high thrust force and poor chip evacuation, the ADO-TRS has been nicknamed as the ‘Triple Revolution’ drill, setting a new standard for 3-flute drills with reliable performance never witnessed before in the cutting tool sector.

ADO-TRS ‘Triple Revolution’ 3-flute through-coolant carbide drill.

The ADO-TRS’ unique R gash geometry enables low cutting resistance comparable to 2-flute drills, with capability to create short and compact chips stably. Furthermore, the ADO-TRS’ wide chip pocket configuration allows trouble-free chip evacuation even at high speeds and feeds. With the addition of OSG’s original EgiAS coating, superior wear resistance and long tool life can be achieved.

The ADO-TRS-3D and ADO-TRS-5D are available from diameter 3 mm up to 20 mm, and are suitable for applications in carbon steels, alloy steels, die steels, cast iron and hardened steels.

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