You Dream It, OSG Shapes It

OSG’s global network provides tailored nut tap solution for fastener manufacturer

Lynn Lin, Taiho Tool & Hakan Erdogan, OSG Turkey

OSG Corporation has been manufacturing taps since its founding in 1938, and they have become key products of the company ever since. OSG currently holds the number one position in the Japanese cutting tool market, as well as a top-ranking position globally. In addition to OSG’s domestic sales and manufacturing output, subsidiaries overseas also play a crucial role in contributing to the global status the company enjoys today. Taiho Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd., the OSG group company in Taiwan, in particular has been a major factor in establishing OSG’s position as the world’s number one nut tap manufacturer.


Headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Taiho Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd. was established on May 15, 1969, and is the second overseas subsidiary of OSG Corporation after OSG USA in America. More than 50 years have passed, Taiho today employs over 330 staff and has transformed from a traditional SKS tap factory into a major high-quality cutting tool manufacturer with a total of eight production sites, stock centers and sales offices located throughout Taiwan and mainland China. Taiho’s key products include taps, nut taps, rolling dies, drills, end mills and gauges. Taiho’s production sites employ advanced technology and manufacturing systems to supply customers with a vast range of products. The company continuously strives to maintain its comprehensive quality management systems as well as to give first priority to environmental protection, security and accident prevention.

Taiho Nut Taps

Taiho Tool Mfg. Co., Ltd., the OSG group company in Taiwan, in particular has been a major factor in establishing OSG’s position as the world’s number one nut tap manufacturer.

Nut taps are used to thread nuts. Taiho’s nut taps are manufactured with OSG’s original grinding machines with high quality thread grinding techniques that can strictly control thread limit. Taiho’s nut taps’ unique flute geometry enables trouble-free chip evacuation. Furthermore, they are coated with Taiho’s exclusive coating with smooth surface property that can enhance tool life. Taiho’s nut taps are engineered to excel in a wide variety of materials and nut processing applications.

Types of Nut Taps

1. Short Nut Tap (SNT)

A short nut tap can either be used by connecting it to a bent shank or a short shank. With this specification, manufacturers can replace used taps easily. SNTs are widely used in fasteners and nut processing industries. In order to meet international market requirements, Taiho offers SNTs with metric, unified screw threads, and standard design with different tolerance classes in stock.

2. Nib Tap (NBT)

A nib tap is used by directly screwing it onto a bent shank with a threaded hole. With the screw-in configuration, adjustment time can be substantially shortened. Using couplers to connect taps and bent shanks can also lower the possibility of tap breakage caused by the strong torque during machining.

3. Bent Shank Tap (BNT)

A bent shank tap is composed of an SNT and a bent shank. The bent shank tap is used with automatic tapping machines that eject nuts via the shank. This enables continuous tapping operation without reversing or stopping the machine. Every process – from tap forming, precision grinding and welding of the bent shank – are all conducted at Taiho. Taiho offers tailored solutions in various sizes based on samples provided for a wide variety of tapping machines.

With over 50 years of experience and success, Taiho plays a key role in supporting other OSG group companies in providing innovative nut tap solutions around the world. Recently, Taiho was able to assist an automotive fastener manufacturer through the contact of OSG Turkey.

Norm Somun A.Ş.

The production floor of Norm Somun in izmir, Turkey. Founded in 1977, Norm Somun A.Ş. is a world leading manufacturer of fasteners for the automotive sector.

Founded in 1977, Norm Somun A.Ş. is a world leading manufacturer of fasteners for the automotive sector. Some of its key products include fibered nuts, weld nuts, flanged nuts, fibered flanged nuts, flanged tensioning nuts, prevailing torque type nuts, hexagon nuts, and more. The company can also provide custom products, such as bushes, square nuts, sleeves, rivets, and more. Employing more than 600 staff, Norm Somun’s manufacturing plant is located in the city of İzmir, Turkey, with an estimate production floor of 30,000-square-meter. In addition to the İzmir plant, Norm Somun also has a factory in Salihli in the province of Manisa, with an estimate manufacturing space of 30,000-square-meter. Over the years, Norm Somun has proven its quality and success by earning quality certificates including the ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, EN 14399-1, TSE and EN 15048-1. The company is proud to be a leading manufacturer of fasteners that supplies directly to the assembly lines of many major automotive companies worldwide.

Left: photograph of a nylon insert nut made by Norm Somun. Right: Norm Somun’s machine operator checks go and no-go gauges.

Tapping with nut taps is one of the most difficult processes as it cannot be easily controlled to prevent defected parts in huge batch size. For the production of nylon insert nuts used for the automotive industry, Norm Somun was experiencing excessive run-out of the nut tap. This causes unstable threading in the beginning of the process, which resulted with scrapped parts due to oversized threads. The nylon insert nuts are made of cold forged low carbon steel and the company has an annual estimate production volume of 500 million pieces. Approximately 250,000 pieces are included per batch. Norm Somun has been manufacturing these nuts for 15 years using nut tapping machines running at a cutting speed of 20 m/min and 1.25 mm/rev using water soluble coolant. Each nut requires the threading of one through-hole at a depth of 10 mm with 6H tolerance.

Custom tap by Taiho with a special male point with radius configuration. Taiho offers tailored solutions in various sizes for a wide variety of tapping machines.

Norm Somun was originally using a competitor standard nut tap for the application. The company and OSG Turkey have been business partners since the Fastener Fair that took place in Turkey in 2014. The engineers at Norm Somun came up with the idea of a special design tap with a different type of point, which aims to center the workpiece in order to prevent excessive run-out. Based on Norm Somun’s specified specifications, OSG Turkey’s Area Sales Manager Fatih Etik consulted with Taiho regarding the application. Upon a detail evaluation of the application, Taiho produced a number of custom HS-BNT M8x1.25 GH7 bent shank taps for trial. Taiho’s BNT is able to maintain tolerance stably to prevent scrapped parts. With this processing improvement, Norm Somun estimated a savings of $24,000 USD in tooling cost.

From left to right, Norm Somun Production Engineer Atıl Sungur, Norm Somun Production Leader Zeynel Çelebi, Norm Somun Machine Operator Mehmet Alkan and OSG Turkey Area Sales Manager Fatih Etik pose for a photograph with the customized nut tap at the Norm Somun manufacturing facility in izmir, Turkey.

OSG has a global network of over 65 business offices in 33 countries, which provides production sites with accurate feedback about user needs so that the company can quickly design, develop, manufacture and deliver products that precisely meets those needs. OSG not only supplies powerful cutting tools for the automotive industry, but also provides tailored application solutions to facilitate better processing with higher efficiency and longer durability. OSG’s special tools offer the precision and productivity that other tool manufacturers cannot duplicate.

“Our manufacturing process is better controlled thanks to OSG’s custom nut tap that centers the workpiece perfectly just before tapping to prevent excessive run-out,” said Norm Somun Production Director Birol Durdu.

Norm Somun Production Director Birol Durdu.

“With this improvement and preventive action on the process, customer satisfaction and our ability to meet their quality requirement has risen to the very top level,” said Durdu.

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