OSG Releases AT-2 Drilling and Threading Combo Thread Mill for High-Hardness Steel Applications

TOYOKAWA―May 20, 2020―OSG Corporation today announced the release of the AT-2 carbide thread mill, a drilling and threading combo tool for high-hardness steel applications.

Creating threads in hardened steel can be a challenging process. Conventionally, two separate tools – a drill and a tap, are used for the process. After a pilot hole is created by the drill, a tap is used to create the internal thread. Sudden tool breakage and short tool life are some of the common obstacles. OSG’s latest AT-2 carbide thread mill is developed specifically to combine the drilling of a pilot hole and threading into a single procedure even in difficult-to-machine materials such as hardened steel. The AT-2 features a unique high strength cutting edge shape to control the bending of tool. It is engineered with a left-hand cut configuration for climb milling to prolong tool life by reducing tool deflection and the generation of heat. Roughing teeth are also added to distribute tool load. Furthermore, the AT-2 is coated with OSG’s original DUROREY coating to suppress chipping in high hardness steel applications.

With the AT-2, sudden tool breakage caused by poor chip evacuation is eliminated, enabling operators to work at ease. By combining drilling and threading into a single procedure, processing efficiency is enhanced while tooling cost is also reduced. The AT-2 is suitable for a wide range of materials, such as high hardness steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal and heat-resistant alloy. It is available in metric (M3 through M20 thread size) and UNC (No. 8-32 UNC to 1/2-13 UNC thread size) styles and in lengths of 2xD and 2.5xD.

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