OSG’s latest DLC coated carbide end mills for non-ferrous metal applications

Akira Harada, OSG Corporation Applications Engineer (End Mill Development Division)

In recent years, markets that make heavy use of aluminum alloys, such as electric vehicles, industrial robots and semiconductor, have expanded tremendously. The surge in aluminum alloy applications has also driven higher demand for effective cutting tools to process these materials. Aluminum workpieces often come in various sizes and forms. Thus, the specification required of the cutting tools would vary depending on the individual application. In order to meet the rising industry trend, OSG has recently developed three new types of milling innovations to fulfill these needs.

AE-TS-N & AE-TL-N: Standard Type End Mills

Until now, end mills used for processing non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloys have generally been non-coated 2-flute or 3-flute. It was the industry standard for 3-flute DLC coated end mills to be high-spec but expensive. OSG’s latest AE-TS-N and AE-TL-N are developed to disrupt the established status quo.

Categorized as standard items, these end mills are 3-flute, DLC coated, and are equipped with the most suitable tooling specifications for non-ferrous metal processing. Furthermore, the pricing of these tools is overwhelmingly reasonable compared to conventional DLC coated carbide end mills for non-ferrous metals, and even more competitive versus conventional non-coated products.

Despite being equipped with advanced tooling specifications, OSG is able to achieve competitive pricing by being strongly aware of manufacturing costs from the development stage, establishing highly productive product configurations, and thoroughly improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Figure 1 illustrates a comparison of the flute shape of the AE-TS-N versus a conventional product. Production costs have been reduced by using a formed grinding wheel to shorten the flute grinding time. In addition, the AE-TS-N is engineered with the latest flute shape that can secure smooth chip evacuation while improving rigidity by making the core thickness larger than the conventional product.

Figure 1. Comparison of flute shape between AE-TS-N and a conventional product

The AE-TS-N has a 1.5xD length of cut and a neck length of 3xD. It is designed to excel in deep milling applications while ensuring rigidity. The AE-TL-N is a long length of cut version of the AE-TS-N that is engineered for side milling and finishing. It is available in length of cut of 3xD and 5xD. With these three types of specifications, manufacturers are able to select the most appropriate product based on application needs.

AE-VTS-N: High Performance Type End Mill

The AE-VTS-N is a product developed for manufacturers who desire high efficiency milling performance.

With the variable lead and unequal spacing teeth tool geometry, chatter is less likely to occur even under aggressive cutting conditions. The AE-VTS-N is also effective for plunging and ramping in the z-axis direction. Furthermore, by adopting a wiper flat cutting edge and micro primary relief specifications, higher precision machined surface quality can be achieved in addition to efficiency.

For the tool coating, the AE-TS-N and AE-TL-N use the DLC-SUPER HARD coating that emphasizes on sharpness; while the AE-VTS-N uses the DLC-IGUSS, which is one of OSG’s latest coatings that is thicker and has better wear resistance than the DLC-SUPER HARD coating, making it an ideal coating for the AE-VTS-N, as it is an end mill engineered to excel under aggressive milling conditions.

The AE-TS-N, AE-TL-N and AE-VTS-N can be applied not only to aluminum alloys but also to non-ferrous metals such as copper and magnesium and have a proven track record of excellence in processing non-metals such as acrylic resin. This DLC coated end mill series is developed with the concept of being able to accommodate all of the above materials with a single tool.

With superior performance and an abundant product lineup, OSG’s latest DLC coated end mill series strive to overturn conventional wisdom of non-ferrous metal end mills by providing new solutions based on budget and individual application needs.

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For large diameter sizes exceeding 12 mm, PXAL of the exchangeable head end mill PXM series is also available.

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