OSG Releases New AE-LNBD-N DLC Coated Carbide End Mill for Copper Electrodes

TOYOKAWA―February 18, 2021―OSG Corporation today announced the release of a new DLC coated carbide end mill tailored for copper electrode applications with high precision and excellent surface finish.

The AE-LNBD-N is a 2-flute long neck carbide end mill designed for high-precision finishing of copper electrodes. Its unique ball specifications include an optimal cutting edge shape with excellent sharpness, high quality primary relief surface, and superior ball R precision that ensures a stable radius accuracy – all of which contribute to allowing high quality milling of copper electrodes without burrs. Moreover, the AE-LNBD-N’s teardrop-shaped outer periphery strong back taper geometry enables milling by point, which prevents chattering and chipping, resulting in improvement of surface accuracy. Furthermore, the AE-LNBD-N is engineered with superior shank accuracy that supports h4 tolerance (0/-0.004). Last but not least, the AE-LNBD-N is coated with OSG’s DLC-IGUSS, a thick film type coating that suppresses wear on the cutting edge and achieves both high tool durability and good machining accuracy. Due to its smooth surface and extremely low coefficient of friction, DLC-IGUSS is extremely effective against non-ferrous metals such as copper alloys, which require welding resistance and lubricity. The AE-LNBD-N is available from R0.05 to R3, with a total of 72 items.

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