OSG Adds Multi-flute Square Type Long End Mill to Its AE-H Carbide End Mill Series for High-Hardness Steels

TOYOKAWA―August 25, 2021―OSG Corporation today announced the expansion of its AE-H carbide end mill series for high-hardness steels with the AE-ML-H multi-flute square type long carbide end mill.

AE-ML-H 4-flute square type.

AE-ML-H 6-flute square type.

The AE-ML-H features unequal spacing teeth geometry to suppress chattering during machining. Its unique web taper geometry, where the thickness of core changes from the cutting edge to the shank, greatly improves tool rigidity and enables highly efficient side milling even in materials exceeding 60 HRC. With the addition of OSG’s original DUROREY coating, the AE-ML-H is able to achieve high-efficiency and stable milling performance in high-hardness steels due to the coating’s excellent toughness, high heat resistance and abrasion resistance characteristics. The AE-ML-H is available from diameter 3 mm to 12 mm.

OSG’s AE-H carbide end mill series for high-hardness steels now includes stub, short, long and ball styles to accommodate a wide range of applications and milling methods with superior performance.

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