OSG Adds AE-CPR4-H 4-flute Long Neck Corner Radius Carbide End Mill and PXSH Exchangeable Head End Mill to Its AE-H End Mill Series for High-hardness Steels

TOYOKAWA―April 13, 2022―OSG Corporation today announced the expansion of its AE-H end mill series for high-hardness steels with the AE-CPR4-H 4-flute long neck corner radius carbide end mill and the PXSH exchangeable head end mill.

The AE-CPR4-H is engineered to achieve high-efficiency milling in high-hardness steels. Its new gash specification with a spiral shape forming from the center to the corner radius improves chip evacuation and prevents chips from getting caught. Chattering is minimized by the AE-CPR4-H’s unequal spacing teeth geometry, enabling highly efficient machining even in deep milling of L/D = 14. With the addition of OSG’s DUROREY coating and smooth surface treatment, surface accuracy is further improved. The AE-CPR4-H is available from diameter 0.2 mm up to 4 mm with a total of 176 items starting April 2022.

The PXSH is a multi-flute square type exchangeable head end mill. It is a part of the PXM exchangeable head end mill series designed for large-diameter applications. The PXM series offers significant time savings versus solid tools as only the exchangeable head would require replacement. It also provides greater productivity versus indexable tools as the exchangeable head can be selected based on the number of flutes. The PXSH is available in 6-flute and 8-flute configurations. Similar to the AE-CPR4-H, the PXSH also features unequal spacing teeth geometry to minimize chattering. With optimal cutting edge specifications, high efficiency and stable milling performance can be realized in high-hardness steels. In addition, the PXSH is able to achieve long tool life under aggressive cutting conditions due to the DUROREY coating’s excellent toughness, high heat resistance and abrasion resistance characteristics. The PXSH is available from diameter 12 mm up to 25 mm starting June 2022.

OSG’s AE-H end mill series for high-hardness steels now includes stub, short, long, ball and exchangeable head configurations to accommodate a wide range of applications and milling methods with superior performance.

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