OSG Releases A-XPF High-efficiency and Multi-purpose Forming Tap

TOYOKAWA―November 8, 2022―OSG Corporation today announced the release of the A-XPF forming tap. The A-XPF features a special chamfer specification (pat. in Japan) for achieving low thrust. Its special thread configuration (pat. in Japan) improves cutting edge rigidity, making it less prong to chipping. The A-XPF is made of powder metallurgy HSS (CPM) with high wear resistance. With the addition of a special coating (pat. pending in Japan), tool life can be further enhanced.

Most tapping troubles are caused by unstable chip evacuation, with the top three reasons being tool breakage and chipping, dimensional error, and galling, according to OSG internal data. The A-XPF forms threads by plastic deformation of the work material and does not generate cutting chips. The A-XPF enables the reduction of tool change time caused by cutting chip troubles and machine downtime required for removing accumulated cutting chips. Furthermore, by enabling stable and uninterrupted machining, power consumption can be reduced, which minimizes environmental impact.

The A-XPF is a revolutionary product that excels in a wide range of work materials and cutting conditions with improved productivity, such as small-diameter threading in stainless steel and high-speed threading in high-hardness material of 30 HRC. It is suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, hardened steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, zinc, and more. The new offering is on sale from March 2023 and is available from M1 x 0.25 up M6 x 1, with a total of 18 items.

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