OSG Releases Phoenix PFDC Facemill Disc Cutter

TOYOKAWA―June 21, 2023―OSG Corporation today announced the release of the Phoenix PFDC facemill disc cutter for small machining centers.

The OSG Phoenix PFDC is a large-diameter disc cutter engineered to excel in small machining centers. It is constructed with a thin steel body that is lightweight and has high tool rigidity. Chip evacuation is improved with internal coolant configuration. Furthermore, balance grade G6.3 is guaranteed for the cutter body (with inserts installed). The PFDC does not require a special arbor, which enables simply and easy tool management.

Even at diameter of 125 mm, the weight of the facemill arbor and tool total to only 1.9 kg. With an exceptional weight balance design, the PFDC facemill disc cutter can be used on BT30 small machining centers for high-speed rotary machining. Due to its wide cutting width, the PFDC is able to achieve uniform machined surface with no seams in 1-pass, which is difficult to achieve with conventional small machining centers. A large reduction in power consumption can be achieved by replacing the machining process that was conventionally done by a machining center equivalent to BT40 with a small machining center equivalent to BT30, making the PFDC an environmentally friendly tooling solution.

The PFDC employs economical 4-corner insert with 90-degree cutting edge and chip breaker shape with sharp cutting edge engineered to excel in non-ferrous metal and resin applications. Two insert grades, XP4610 and CK010, are available for the PFDC facemill disc cutter. The CK010 is ideal for aluminum alloy applications; the DLC coated XP4610 is designed for resin machining and long tool life machining in non-ferrous metals.

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