OSG Releases ADO-40D and 50D Coolant-Through Carbide Drills

TOYOKAWA―September 18, 2019―OSG Corporation today announced the release of the ADO-40D and 50D coolant-through carbide drills with ultra-efficiency in deep-hole drilling applications.

The ADO-40D and 50D feature a unique R gash geometry that enables super low cutting resistance and exceptional chip control. This feature allows the creation of compact chips that are tightly curled with no elongation for trouble-free chip evacuation even in deep-hole applications. Furthermore, a new flute specification with smooth chip evacuation and high tool rigidity qualities has been applied. The ADO-40D and 50D employ a highly rigid 25-degree helical flute optimal for stable and high-performance drilling in deep-hole applications. Internal cutting trials have demonstrated that a 20-degree helix angle is insufficient and can cause the clogging of chips and tool breakage; whereas a 30-degree helix angle lacks rigidity and may lead to unstable processing.

The ADO-40D and 50D are coated with OSG’s original EgiAs coating, which is constructed with extreme toughness, high wear and heat resistance characteristics to ensure stable and consistent tool life. The ADO-40D and 50D are ideal for deep-hole applications in carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron and stainless steel. The ADO-40D is available from diameter 3 mm up to 10 mm. The ADO-50D is available from diameter 3 mm up to 8 mm.

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